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At Genworth Canada, our trained specialists are standing by to answer your mortgage default insurance questions, provide more information on our value-added products and services and help you with practically any aspect of doing business with us.

If you can't find the information you need on this website, think of our National Underwriting Centre as your personal line to mortgage default insurance information.

Our hours of operation are:

National Underwriting Centre

Monday - Friday: 8am - 9pm (ET)
Saturday: 10am - 6pm (ET)

Toll-free: 1.800.511.8888

2060 Winston Park Drive, Suite 300
Oakville, Ontario
L6H 5R7
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Or email us at mortgage.info@genworth.com and we will respond to your message within the next business day.

Genworth Canada National Underwriting Team

Jim Spitali Senior Vice President, Operations 905.287.5307 jim.spitali@genworth.com
David Greenwood Director of Underwriting 905.287.5381 david.greenwood@genworth.com
Andrew Posgate Leader, Technical Underwriting 905.287.5362 andrew.posgate@genworth.com
Marsha Seixeiro Leader, Customer Service 905.287.5434 marsha.seixeiro@genworth.com

Québec Underwriting Center

Monday, Friday: 8:30am - 5pm (ET)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30am - 6pm (ET)

Toll-free: 1.877.470.4144

999, De Maisonneuve Ouest, Suite 1800
Montréal Québec
H3A 3L4
Google Maps

Or email us at mortgage.info@genworth.com and we will respond to your message within the next business day.

Genworth Canada Quebec Underwriting Team

Viviane Bibeau Manager, Montreal Underwriting 514.215.3136 viviane.bibeau@genworth.com

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National Sales and Marketing Team

Debbie McPherson Senior Vice President, National Sales & Marketing 905.287.5465 debbie.mcpherson@genworth.com
Lisa Trudell Vice President, National Sales (Canada) 905.287.5369 lisa.trudell@genworth.com
Catherine Adams Vice President, Business Development 905.287.5375 catherine.adams@genworth.com
Susan Carter Vice President, Marketing & Communications 905.287.5520 susan.carter@genworth.com
Scott Galbraith Vice President, Business Development 905.287.5367 scott.galbraith@genworth.com
Roxanne Fedorenko Marketing and Communications Coordinator 905.287.5342 roxanne.fedorenko@genworth.com
Kiki Sauriol-Roode Vice President, Business Development 905.287.5379 kiki.sauriol-roode@genworth.com
Marc Shendale Vice President, Business Development 905.287.5392 marc.shendale@genworth.com
Mark Stamm Vice President, Business Development 514.347.5759 mark.stamm@genworth.com
Michelle Valledor Manager, Sales Training & Development 905.287.5377 michelle.valledor@genworth.com
Patrick Valledor Senior National Sales Analyst 905.287.5452 patrick.valledor@genworth.com
Ivy Budisavljevic Senior Sales Training & Development Specialist 905.287.5487 ivy.budisavljevic@genworth.com
Nadia Ayoub Senior Sales Force Effectiveness Analyst 905.287.5529 nadia.ayoub@genworth.com
Nadia Corkery Senior Regional Sales Analyst 905.287.5315 nadia.corkery@genworth.com

Pacific Team

Marcie Cyr Regional Vice President 778.839.1752 marcie.cyr@genworth.com
Ian Welin Regional Risk Manager 604.992.4335 ian.welin@genworth.com
Stephanie Fabbi Account Manager, Vancouver and Lower Mainland 778.840.6360 stephanie.fabbi@genworth.com
Mandeep Khtaria Account Manager, Lower Mainland / Surrey, Delta and Fraser Valley to Hope 604.787.8512 mandeep.khtaria@genworth.com
Lisa West Account Manager, Interior / North 250.869.7573 lisa.west@genworth.com
Anoop Sihra Account Manager, Lower Mainland / Vancouver, Richmond, Tsawwassen & Sea to Sky 604.353.9497 anoop.sihra@genworth.com
Kathryn Parfitt Account Manager, Vancouver Island & Sunshine Coast 250.661.1492 kathryn.parfitt@genworth.com

Prairies Team

Imran Thaver Regional Vice President 780.263.6250 imran.thaver@genworth.com
Jason Espetveidt Prairies Risk Manager 403.831.9745 jason.espetveidt@genworth.com
Nancy Kamineski Account Manager, Calgary and Southern Alberta 403.589.2582 nancy.kamineski@genworth.com
Laura Gallaher, AMP Account Manager, Manitoba 204.805.4953 laura.gallaher@genworth.com
Edward Kim Account Manager, Edmonton 780.982.1998 edward.kim@genworth.com
Teresa Bradley Account Manager, Edmonton and Northern Alberta 780.982.8022 teresa.bradley@genworth.com
Justin Desjarlais Account Manager, Calgary and Southern Alberta 403.831.0784 justin.desjarlais@genworth.com
Barbara Potzauf Account Manager, Central Alberta 403.589.2609 barbara.potzauf@genworth.com
Shelayne Loeppky Account Manager, Saskatchewan 306.222.0802 shelayne.loeppky@genworth.com
Ashley Guinchard Account Manager, Calgary 403.831.9271 ashley.guinchard@genworth.com
Kim Lewis Account Manager, Northern Alberta 780.238.9070 kim.lewis@genworth.com

Ontario Team

Carlo Montagnese Regional Vice President 416.938.7643 carlo.montagnese@genworth.com
Sean Reid Account Manager, Ottawa Region & Eastern Ontario 613.295.0242 sean.reid@genworth.com
Sandra Thompson Account Manager, London, Windsor, Sarnia, Woodstock 519.318.2429 sandra.thompson@genworth.com
Kathy Yusko Account Manager, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, North Bay, Northern Ontario 705.690.8307 kathy.yusko@genworth.com
Shari Countryman Account Manager, Durham, Kawarthas, Trenton, Belleville, Kingston 905.435.5510 shari.countryman@genworth.com
Alison Armstrong Account Manager, Hamilton, St.Catharines & Niagara 905.577.5567 alison.armstrong@genworth.com

Greater Toronto Area Team

Carlo Montagnese Regional Vice President 416.938.7643 carlo.montagnese@genworth.com
Greg Casey Regional Risk Manager 416.209.5889 greg.casey@genworth.com
Julie Avery-Van Doorn Account Manager, GTA - Brampton, Mississauga 416.209.6046 julie.avery@genworth.com
Melissa Safadie Account Manager, GTA - Brampton, Mississauga & Oakville 647.222.3905 melissa.safadie@genworth.com
Courtney Kencher Account Manager, GTA - Downtown Toronto 416.559.9809 courtney.kencher@genworth.com
Annie Carpentier Account Manager, GTA - Bolton, Maple, Vaughan, Woodbridge, North York, Richmond Hill, Milton 647.233.5868 annie.carpentier@genworth.com

Quebec Team

Stéphane Beaulieu Regional Vice President 514.895.8752 stephane.beaulieu@genworth.com
Francis Lanthier-Benoit Regional Risk Manager, Quebec and Atlantic 514.592.5160 francis.lanthier-benoit@genworth.com
Kathy Amar Training Leader 514.248.7039 kathy.amar@genworth.com
Nathalie Cousineau Account Manager, North Shore of Montreal, Laval, Laurentides, Montreal 514.926.2636 nathalie.cousineau@genworth.com
Nicolas Gauthier Account Manager, Central Quebec, South Shore of Montreal, Eastern Townships and Surrounding 514.226.1545 nicolas.gauthier@genworth.com
Mylène Hébert Account Manager,Outaouais, Abitibi, Montreal West Island 613.290.6368 mylene.hebert@genworth.com
Diane Robesco Account Manager, Lanaudière, Mauricie, Montreal, Interim for Montréal Island 514.249.4364 diane.robesco@genworth.com
Sabrina Turcotte Account Manager, Saguenay-Lac-Saint- Jean, Charlevoix, Côte-Nord, Quebec City/Eastern Quebec/ Beauce, Sherbrooke and Surroundings 418.951.5278 sabrina.turcotte@genworth.com
Catherine Beaupré Account Manager, Western Quebec City, Portneuf, Central Quebec, Saguenay-Lac- Saint-Jean, Charlevoix, Côte-Nord 418.564.9480 catherine.beaupre@genworth.com
Jean-Olivier Doucet-Therrien Account Manager, Montreal Island 514.923.4932 jean-olivier.doucet-therrien@genworth.com

Atlantic Team

Ruth Roussy Regional Vice President 902.499.2748 ruth.roussy@genworth.com
Steeve Arsenault Account Manager, New Brunswick 506.461.0440 steeve.arsenault@genworth.com
Chris Johnson Account Manager, Nova Scotia & PEI 902.497.5358 chris.johnson@genworth.com
Michelle Murphy Account Manager, Nova Scotia 902.237.1020 michelle.murphy@genworth.com
Tonia Williams Account Manager, Newfoundland and Labrador 709.687.5893 tonia.williams@genworth.com

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